Betting World

Betting World was a well-known betting site that operated in South Africa. It offered a variety of betting options, including sports betting on popular sports like soccer, rugby, and horse racing, as well as other events such as lotteries and political elections.

What Happened to Betting World

betting world


Betting World underwent some changes in recent years, another betting company called Betfred purchased Betting World for a price of R120 million on 31 of May 2021.

As a result, the Betting World brand no longer exists in its original form as a standalone betting site.


Betting World was a popular betting company and website in South Africa, known for its wide range of betting options and user-friendly interface. However, due to changes in the industry, Betting World’s operations may have been absorbed by Betfred, and the brand no longer exists in its original form. 


Is Betting World still operational>

No, Betfred has bought over Betting World on 31 May 2021 for R120 million.

Can I still access my Betting World account?

If you had an account with Betting World, it’s recommended to contact their customer support or visit their website to inquire about accessing your account or retrieving any remaining funds.

Where can I find information about Betting World’s current status?

Check news sources or contact the relevant authorities in South Africa for updates.

Are there alternative betting sites similar to Betting World?

The most similar option recommended by us is World Sports Betting

What happened to Betting World’s retail outlets?

You may need to check with the specific outlet or contact the company for more information.

Can I still place bets on sports and other events through Betting World?

No, as Betting World’s operations have undergone changes, their service is no longer available.